8 Tips to Improve your Public Speaking Skills

Over all the years that I have worked as a Public Speaking Coach, I have had many people ask me about small tips and tricks on improving their public speaking skills. In most cases, I have quick hacks to share, but I always recommend they join a workshop or a session to address the problem, with proper technique. The core of getting better at Public Speaking can’t be “hacked”, especially in 2 minutes.

However, since I’ve had a lot of people ask me , I decided to put together a list of 8 tips to improve your public speaking skills:

1. Be passionate about your speech.

Remember the reason why you are on the stage. Never go after fame or momentary attention. Just speak from your heart.

“Humour me.”– I have seen Keanu Reeves speak this line so many times already(or am I just imagining things?). Humour is important to retain the audience’s attention. When they laugh, they listen more attentively because some sort of fun is sensed in your speech. Yet, do not make abuse of humour as it might undermine seriousness.

improve your public speaking skills

2. Have novelty.

Most of the time you will have a seasoned(knowledgable) audience who have heard and read about a lot of topics. If you don’t have any originality and novelty in what you are speaking than forget about genuine applause from your audience. Read a lot about different topics. Increase your databank.

3. Do a thorough preparation.

Preparation is a must. Have a general outline of your speech prepared in your mind.

8 tips to improve your public speaking skills

4. Maintain eye contact at all times.

Look at every single person in the room. People feel secretly gratified when you look at them: they think you intentionally looked at them because they are special in some way. Genuinely try to scan the entire audience with your eyes.

Watermelons are quite good to look at. If you are afraid of looking at the audience then just imagine them as a bunch of watermelons. Try it first in a mock test. Then when you are confident, give it a go.

5. Body language.

Body language includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space. Let your intent clearly be expressed in your movements. Sometimes little gestures can also boost your physical confidence.

public speaking skills

6. Practice is very important.

It will eliminate your stage fright and boost your confidence. You even might be able to modify some portion of your speech through your friend or teachers. Sometimes written speech may have some hidden flaws which can only be discovered while practising.

7. Treat the stage as your back yard.

You should remember that stage is not your barrier nor a restriction. Be as much comfortable on stage as you can. If you want to sit then sit. If you want to lie down on the stage then do that. You can even go among the audience to say a few lines. It might even raise your confidence. Even your audience shouldn’t like raising their necks continuously for 10-15 minutes(I’m guessing). Make them do some neck exercise(LOL).

8. Your presentation. 

How you display yourself in front of people is a must. Trimmed beard and well-combed hair. Neat clothes. The shirt should be tucked in. Make yourself look good in front of people. By following this, you will not have the fear of looking bad in front of a large audience.

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I hope this helped you.

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