How to Improve Communication Skills?

You might have noticed that people can communicate with each other without any barrier when they are talking about the stuff that they are most interested in. It might even have happened with you without you noticing it. I have experienced it. I live in Mumbai. If you ask a regular random Indian what is India’s National Game than 6/10 answers would be Cricket even though Hockey is the real answer. It shows how Indians are hyped about Cricket. I always feel left out when my friends are talking about Cricket especially in times of IPL. This feeling is quite uncomfortable indeed.

How to improve communication skills

Now my objective for telling you this was for you to know what interest in a particular topic can do. But the interest should be natural rather than you forcing inside your brain something that it can’t digest. If you are interested in multiple topics, you will have more to talk about. There is no need to force it. Just go along with the flow. A student of commerce will have it hard to study science. To further your interest you can read multiple books on the subject, listen to broadcasts or even watching videos works. You can even ask your friends about the topic you are interested in, the premise is that they should also be interested in the topic creating another opportunity for you to improve your communication skills.

Anyone can create interest in the subject they want to. Now the main thing introvert people need to do is to practice. Even the most reticent person will have a best friend they can talk to. So start talking. Step-by-step. Talk to your best friend first. After being confident enough go after other friends. It will automatically create your self-confidence.

These steps will make you forget that you ever thought of yourself as an introvert. Just don’t stop your accumulation. Keep on reading. There will always be something new on the plate tomorrow.

Even after this if you are still not confident then you can try considering communication skills training courses. I have a couple of courses and workshops. I specialise in enabling people to communicate more powerfully.

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I hope it helped you.

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