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Get Trained To Speak more POWERFULLY

Public Speaking Classes for Individuals 1Invest in your ability to speak more powerfully. It’s the best way to practically guarantee an impressive personality and higher career growth.
– Animesh Gupta

Public Speaking Classes for Individuals 1Invest in your ability to speak more powerfully. It’s the best way to
practically guarantee an impressive personality and higher career growth.
– Animesh Gupta


Animesh specialises in enabling people to communicate more powerfully. He’s also your best bet in overcoming stage fright! Just type “Public Speaking” on Youtube and see the first video – his talk on Public Speaking is currently the most popular one in the world.

He has 10 years of experience in training and coaching, having worked with 25+ leading companies (Adobe, Times Group, HUL, etc.), the top institutes (IIT-Bombay, IIM-Indore, TISS-Mumbai, etc.), and reputed NGOs (CRY, SMILE, etc.). His most prestigious work has been with the United Nations in Denmark, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pan-India. He was also the youngest trainer in all of UNICEF, worldwide…

Public Speaking: This is why it’s the game-changer!


Speaking Confidently: Overcoming Fear or Shyness

Speaking Confidently

1. Speaking fearlessly in front of people; overcoming shyness and hesitation.
2. Speaking more comfortably with people of the opposite gender, different background/age, people in senior/authority roles, etc.
3. Techniques to manage nervousness, racing heartbeat, becoming “blank,” panicking, shaking/trembling.
4. Techniques to manage negativity, overthinking, self-doubt, fear of being judged, fear of sounding stupid, etc.

Communicating with more Power

Speaking Powerfully(Formal + Informal Situations)

1. Putting the point across effectively and persuasively
2. Conversational-skills (one-to-one and in small groups)

  1. Being able to speak to new people of different ages and intellect
  2. How to speak on various subjects easily; generating ideas and new topics to talk about
  3. Increasing intimacy or connecting with people in the first meeting

3. Public Speaking (in small and large groups)

  1. Speaking impressively in group discussions for work meetings or social situations
  2. Learning how to create engaging and powerful content; starting and ending with an impact
  3. Learning how to make dry or technical topics interesting and interactive
  4. Impromptu speeches: Being able to talk effectively on any topic, without any preparation
  5. Powerful presentation-skills; speaking up impressively in front of a large audience

4. Mastering Interviews

  1. Connecting with the interviewers, getting them to like you
  2. Responding to questions that are stressful, difficult, or tricky

Advanced Public Speaking: for experienced speakers

Advanced Public Speaking

This Public Speaking Skills course is for people who are in senior roles or those who are going to speak on bigger platforms. Please inquire directly by email/call for more details.

Emotional Intelligence & Managing People

Emotional Intelligence & People-Skills

1. Being aware of one’s patterns of thinking; how it helps and hinders progress.
2. Body Language training: “Reading” others’ expressions and body language; Real-world test of how well I can understand and analyse people’s behaviour.
3. Working in teams, increasing one’s likeability; enabling others (and not just focussing on oneself).
4. Leading people and teams; understanding different ways of influencing people; managing difficult people.

Cost and Duration

20 sessions

Or 7 Results-Focussed Workshops

Min 20 sessions or 7 days, spread over 1-3 months.
You may select whatever you need, but there are limited things we can cover in this duration. You should see a 25-40% change. (For confidence-issues, you will see a change, but you’ll need to upgrade to the longer public speaking classes to speak fearlessly.)

40 sessions

Or 14 Results-Focussed Workshops

Min 40 sessions or 14 days, spread over 3-6 months.
You may select whatever you need. There will be 35-70% change in your communication-skills, but a “transformation” is not possible in 40 sessions. You should be able to overcome any confidence issues (if applicable) by 50-100%.

60 sessions

Or 20+ Results-Focussed Workshops

Min 60 sessions or 20-23 days, spread over 6-12 months. You may select whatever you need. This is the “transformation” program, and there will be a significant growth in multiple areas. This is also the recommended program for those who have confidence-issues. You’ll be able to overcome your lack of confidence by 70-100%.

* You can opt for a one-day workshop at Rs.8500, on a Sunday of your choice.

* You can opt for a one-day workshop at Rs.8500, on a Sunday of your choice.


When & Where

Sundays, 9:30am to 2pm, in Andheri East. You can pick your own Sundays – minimum twice a month or 7 Sundays in 3 months.

Free assessment & consultation

Confused which program to join? Want details on how we guarantee results? You can come for a consultation before enrolling. You can also enroll for the shortest program and decide to upgrade after 4 weeks.

Money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee on fees – no questions asked. (See brochure below for details.) EMI option is available through your credit card when checking out.

Why is the program 'Expensive'?

The same reason why some doctors or some colleges are more expensive than others. This program will get results. The quality of the coach is what creates the change. See Animesh’s profile here.